The (C)ompliance Personality Style, Explained

Compliance styles are the most analytical of the four DISC styles. C’s are often perfectionists, they are detail-oriented… and focused on facts, information and proof. The C-Style is comfortable working alone and is typically the most reserved of the DISC styles. They are logical, systematic, cautious and methodical. They focus on working to a defined structure to ensure a high quality of product or service. The C-styles’ biggest fear is criticism of their work. A C-styles motto is: “If we don’t have time to do it right, do we have time to do it again?”

How C-Styles work with others

C-styles prefer communication to be in writing and include facts and figures. They tend not to openly share their opinions unless they know the subject matter well. The C styles favourite question is “Why?” such as in “Why does it work this way?” and… “Why is this step necessary in the process?”

How C-Styles make decisions

C-styles are focused on making correct decisions and avoiding mistakes. As a result, their approach is exacting and conservative. However, this can often slow down the process of reaching a timely outcome. C-styles can over-analyse an issue and often require a lot of information in order to reach a conclusion.

How C-Styles act under pressure

Under pressure, C-styles can be overly critical of others. They have a tendency to be so focused on the detail that they often find small mistakes and errors. Some colleague’s may see this attention to detail as nit-picking, but C-styles expect even more of themselves. C-styles are extremely self-critical. Under pressure, C-styles gather more and more information to guide their decision and actions… further slowing down progress.

How C-Styles succeed

C-styles succeed by focusing their efforts on the specific task at hand. They are not easily distracted and are extremely focused on producing high quality work. C-styles always plan and prepare before starting a project. C-styles strive to be very knowledgeable and skilled… often becoming experts in their field.

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